Our club held a fun fly day yesterday (April 12, 2014) at our field with members of a couple of local clubs also invited to attend.

We had members from the central coast club that fly from Mannering Park, members from the Rebel’s club and from Cessnock also.

The weather condition of the day put a slight damper on the day with the planned flying competion/s being modified to fit in with the conditions present but this certainly did not stop the visiting guests from getting in and having a fly, some flying in very light sprinkling rain. As you would expect with the wind condition not being real kind yesterday morning there were a few unfortunate mishaps.

A special mention goes to a LMMAC member who went for a swim in the dreaded Cockle Creek, forgot his model didn’t have floats fitted didn’t he.

The two junior members that participated were very adept at their skill at flying and was a pleasure to see.

Bacon and egg rolls and sausage rolls were consumed as the day progressed and giving a chance for the various club members to mingle and have a chat. A big thanks to the people who helped on the BBQ plate, one even from the Central Coast. As the day progressed I was able to have a chat with some of the visiting members and all of them were pleased that they were able to attend for the day.

Comments were also heard about how well the grass looked and were impressed with the taxi ways etc so a special “Yah for the day” goes to Andrew in his efforts in preparing and maintaining the field as well as he does (read: some help occasionally would be nice as it took him hours just to mark the field with the white lines).

Mark Trainor from Cessnock says he will visit our club as he only lives at Edgeworth now, and wants to keep practising his skills at flying and it would be less driving time involved for him with a view to joining as a member.

The day finished with prizes being awarded for the day and the raffle being won by a C Coast member who immediately very kindly donated the prize back back to LMMAC to be used by our club not to redrawn (thus making the day a success in money terms also). All who attended left saying that all of our clubs should organise more club inter action with the C. Coast boys saying they intend to organise a day soon and invited LMMAC members to come.

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