New Models and a Man Cave

Andrew Bodies' birthday present from his wife - A Sputnic, which flies nicely.








Steve Schumack's latest flying wing.






Another Bodie model, picked up as a wreck and repaired - the famous Fiesler Storch from WW2.





Kevin Hick's man cave - the hangar section...





... and the creative workshop, where the best laid plans...

28th July Working Bee Success

A note from club president Andrew Bodie:

'The working bee today has been a great step forward to having one of the best flying fields in the area. We now have a new fence on two sides thanks mainly to Kevin Hicks. Also the shipping containers are on concrete blocks and one has a new roof thanks to Rudi`s hard work. A big thanks to  A big thanks to all that helped today.














7th July Work Day Highlights

Five energetic workers answered the call from Andrew (our President) to commence work on a fence around the air field and club area to improve safety. Small amount of water about, main airstrip in usable condition. A big thank you to all who attended.

Old posts and fence out!

New posts and sets installed

A proud moment for some!

The bloke on the right said to
the bloke on the left. I can wear
high viz on a building site

At the completion of
A good days work