New mini Electric twin from Hobbyking & Durafly

I’ve been trying to build a large-scale Comet for around 3 years now but time is not my friend and I am not getting very far.  To keep my interest up I decided to order a foam DH88 Comet from Hobbyking this week and it arrived today.

With a span of only 1120mm this is no giant, but the quality of the Durafly foam molding is exceptional and this is a really nice rendition of the famous London – Melbourne racer “Grosvenor House”.

The kit is beyond ARTF coming 90% assembled with motors, speed controllers, servos and landing light already fitted.  It only took me an hour or two to attach the nacelles to the wings and fit the smooth electric retracts.  All foam parts have slots and tabs that lock them into place with perfect alignment and just a little white glue holds the lot together firmly.  This kit is so complete it even includes all the required power and servo Y-harness leads to connect up the twin engines and aileron servos.

The recommended 3S1P 2200mah 25C Turnigy Nano-Tech lipo slots into place perfectly and puts the balance point spot on at 63mm from the leading edge bulkhead.  Once the power is connected the gear dropped smoothly and the nose light shone brightly.  A full power-on throttle check shows a near enough 1:1 power-to-weight ratio and of course the beauty of electric power for a multi means no complicated and arduous throttle setup.

Designed for intermediate to advanced pilots this little twin racer should be a real challenge to fly.  More on that when it happens…

UPDATE  – 03.11.2012

So I did the maiden this morning.  The performance was great with plenty of power meaning I could cruise around happily on just over 50% throttle.  I spent a good 5 or 6 minutes cruising around in large circuits, beating up the strip at full power.  She’s rock steady in the air and the only vice (if you can call it that) is the landing speed needs to be kept quite high and the approach quite flat – but then you could say the same of any scale model of a high-performance aircraft.

Sadly no flying pics as no cameraman this morning but I’ve added a few more to the gallery. (note another great thing about this model is that it fits into the boot of a 2-door Lancer in one piece! Also note the awesome plane restraining system in use in the boot.)