Unfortunately there has been a scrub fire on Racecourse road that appears to have engulfed the flying field.  Here is the latest update from the NSW RFS:

Major Fire Updates

Racecourse Road (Edgeworth and Barnsley) Bush Fire 02/11/12 07:12

Posted: 02/11/2012

A bush fire that broke out yesterday afternoon in the Edgeworth, Barnsley and Argenton areas has been brought under control by more than 120 firefighters.

Current Situation
Residents in the area should still expect to see alot of smoke from this fire as crews work to contain hot spots throughout the day.

The fire did burn close to homes in the Barnsley and Edgeworth areas, but homes are no longer at threat.

More than 120 firefighters from Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service worked tirelessly through the night to bring this fire under control. 

Today firefighters will be assisted by more favourable weather conditions.

Residents should check their Bush Fire Survival Plan, remain alert and follow the advice of firefighters.  

Firefighters are in the area and speaking with residents about the fire. 

You can view the latest updates here > http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/dsp_content.cfm?cat_id=684

We have also visited the site to check the damage and the damage appears to be limited.

The long grass has been burnt out but the runways and our buildings have survived.  The wooden fence posts have been burnt out and the wire fencing subject to intense heat.

It looks like we will have some work to do to repair/replace the damage.

We are unsure whether the field will be open for flying this weekend but if the RFS does allow us onsite, please be aware of the risk of flare-up, take extra care with fuel and lipo’s.  Also don’t land in the ash – it will be a nightmare to wash off and will make a mess of your carburetor!