This article has been submitted by one of our club members, Ross Gleghorn, retelling his unfortunate experience as he began flying on our challenging strip.

I’ll leave the rest of the story to Ross…

Hi fellow LMMAC members!

I have only been introduced to a few of you so far as I am a recent associate member and fly with the Sunday Crew. My home club is the Rebel Flying Club at Ash Island and 31/2 years since starting RC Flying.

Plane model used for stunt work = “Sustang A4”.  Original model name unknown, tried to track down but not found. Not your usual off-the-shelf model due to numerous rebuild upgrades by me and previous owners.

Reason for wanting to join your club?

I had visited the field as a spectator on a number of occasions, on a Sunday, and met with the boys while they were having a good time.  As “good times” are contagious I eventually succumbed and joined in.  Secondly, the strip layout with taxiways looked a challenge as I was used to wider open spaces.

Challenge was correct from day 1, which allowed me to make an impression on both the pit spectators and the field surface, SW from pilot box. Pity it was prior to the fire.  I tried to execute an inverted half loop while travelling in a westerly direction into a headwind for a downwind strip run, followed by a horrifying attempt at taking the top 300mm off the 600mm high grass. You guessed it; I failed as the thick grass stripped my wing from fuselage plus loss of a wheel and a couple of servos. Not a pretty sight but great spectator value. I did take a bow and promised it was my worst so now I had room for a lot of improvement. I forgot that I had reduced the elevator travel by around 60% since last flight at Muswellbrook. It’s amazing how the wind effects one’s control surfaces, so must look into this further.

With plane rebuilt, and Alan’s guidance including hands on for a few plus landings, I did manage to finally line up the strips and actually land but confidence was again a bit shaky.  I was feeling confident when I decorated your official Xmas tree, photo included. The colours certainly looked decorative. Who do you call??? Dan the Tree Man!!! Lovely polite gentleman attended rather promptly and extracted my “Star” from the rather tall Xmas gumtree. I must ask why these details were laminated, in the Flight Cabinet and so readily available. Just maybe I am not the first?

Both of them were understanding and sympathetic, rather like an Undertaker would be, I suppose.

Now, my fellow flyers waited patiently in the shelter while this reclamation was in progress.

I did cop a little bit of “Why? How? What the…?  as you can imagine, and I did appreciate their genuine concern and sympathy. Yes I did not do as I was told etc., etc. but I am only human and when the adrenaline pumps through your veins things do go wrong sometimes. I will rebuild the plane again, sometime over the next 9 months, but in the meantime I have a few more spare planes on the wall. You know the ones we all store for the other bloke as a favour, from the last swap meet.

I enjoy RC Flying as other club members do and look forward to meeting the rest of the LMMAC crew as they venture back to the field for the start of a new year.

Ross Gleghorn / Bronze wing / mmmm believe it or not.

24 Dec 2012.