Young David Oxby has been pushing the limits once again with this latest creation!

It was with great interest and amusement that David wheeled his RC Lawnmower onto the field at the weekend.  Built from a kit that was, in David’s words, “not recommended” this model is the same size as a full-size lawnmower and looked truly impressive in its green “John Deare” paintjob.

Of course, all other flying activity stopped dead when David started the beast up and wheeled it out to the runway.  Most member thought it was worth it alone just to see the thing taxiing up and down the runway (although we all though the cut height was a little high).

Whilst the first flight looked a little less than perfect David still managed to put in a couple of loops, rolls, stall turns and even a prop-hang (although I was told later that this was unintentional!).

Whilst maybe not an “every weekend” model, this is certainly one that turns heads and has raised the bar for the rest of us.

More photos to follow but here are a few to get started…