Welcome to lmmac.net, the virtual home of the Lake Macquarie Miniature Aircraft Club inc.

This club was formed by aeromodellers to promote and fly model aircraft with safety. Model aircraft are not toys and require considerable skills in handicraft, engineering and a knowledge of aerodynamics before an aspiring modeller can build, maintain and fly such a model. The best way to gain proper assistance is to join a club.  This applies to quadcopters as much as to fixed wing aircraft.

We have a high quality grassed flying field with plenty of flying space, removed from developed areas yet very close to the city of Newcastle / Lake Macquarie.   Our field is uncrowded and the atmosphere is friendly.  There are no line-ups to use the airstrip and instructors are readily available.

The club also welcomes control-line pilots, and has a dedicated flying circle.

Please feel free to take a look around the site for lots of information and advice for both novice and experienced modellers alike.  New members and associates are always welcome.

The LMMAC flying field is located at Griffen Road, Teralba and we can fly there all days from 8am to 5pm (2.4Ghz radios only after midday on a Sunday).  Main flying times are 8am to 12pm on Mondays, Thursdays and weekends.  Visitors and prospective new members are more than welcome to come to the field at these times.

Club Fees (2023/2024 Season):

Senior: $285

Pensioner: $265

Junior: $75

Affiliate: $150

Associate (Non Flying): $50

Family (Senior): $140

Family (Junior): $45

Life: $140

*Club fees include club membership as well as membership and required insurance through the MAAA.  Half yearly memberships are available for applications made after December.*