LiPo Battery Safety

If you’re using LiPo’s in your aircraft and charging them at home then you probably know that they are a serious fire hazard, should anything go wrong. 

Do we want to burn our houses down in pursuit of our hobby?  No.

Those LiPo-safe bags that you see everywhere?  Utterly useless.  Throw it in the bin.  Maybe charge your phone in one of these.

There is now a very good product available that will do the job properly.  Every electric flyer should be charging their batteries in something similar to this Bat-Safe.  These can be bought locally from Phaser FPV .  

It could turn out to be cheap house insurance.

Business as Usual at the Club

Lake Macquarie Council recently asked for submissions from tourism operators in regard to utilising specific parcels of land within the local council area.  One of those parcels happened to be our flying field, overlooking our 40 year custody of the site,  and casting doubt over the club’s future.

The committee is now pleased to confirm that the submission process is complete, with no successful submissions for the site.  This means that it is business as usual for the club.

Thanks are due to those club members who communicated and met with council during this difficult process.  As always, the club is welcoming new (and returning) members.

Website Update

I’ve received millions of dismayed messages from our fans asking what happened to the web site this week.  If you were one of those who missed your daily dose of, then we apologise.  Recently we had to change ISP and domain server, and it didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked.  However, all problems are now solved and everything is back to normal.

Peace Comes to Ukraine!

It was pointed out to the editor that the colour scheme of his new 1/2-A Hummer is reminiscent of the Ukrainian flag. 

The editor then pointed out to the person making the point that it is powered by a Russian Norvel ‘Big Mig’ .061 engine!

What’s that I hear you shout with joy?  Peace, at last?  Perhaps it is a sign of cooling tensions…

Adding further complexity to the situation, the engine pictured here is an American made Cox .049, which had to be removed  before the peace plane would go anywhere.  You heard it here first! (Actually it was just too gutless).