Pre-flight checks are designed by the club to ensure that you are ready to fly safely.  We touched on them briefly with the S.M.A.R.T acronym and this lesson will expand on the recommended LMMAC pre-flight check as used in the Bronze Wings test.

The Pre-Flight Check

1. Battery is securely plugged in
2. Receiver securely mounted
3. Servos securely mounted
4. Control rods attached at both ends.
5. Motor not loose on mount.
6. Propeller and spinner secure.
7. Control surfaces and hinges secure
8. Check structures for soundness particularly wing attachment and tail area.
9. Check all servos are connected and secure.
11. Check for correct direction of control surface travel.
Stand behind the model and check
12. AILERONS – Stick to right – Right aileron goes up
13. ELEVATORS – Stick forward – Elevator goes down
14. RUDDER – Stick left – Rudder goes left
15. MOTOR – Check if possible (fully cowled motors is a bit hard).
16. Other controls as applicable – e.g. Flaps
17. Check for possible servo stalling. No jittering or fluttering of control surfaces with Rx and Tx switched on.
18. Do a range check with transmitter antenna down. If less than normal find out why.
Do you know what is normal?


Ensure Pilot’s Brain is Engaged!!!

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