Lesson Seven – Procedure Turn

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to fly smooth left and right-hand procedure turns
  • Maintain a constant altitude throughout the manoeuvre

Procedure Turns

  • You will handle all take-off and landings

The procedure turn is a compulsory figure in the Bronze wings test.  It is designed so that the student pilot can demonstrate competent and accurate turning skills within a practical manoeuvre.

In real-life the procedure turn is as useful in model aviation as it is in full-size aviation.  It allows the pilot to fly a heading and then turn in the smallest possible area to return in the opposite direction along the same line.  This is particularly useful when trying to line up with the runway or a heading that will return you to the runway.

A procedure turn is made up of two turns:

  1. Fly along the runway centreline during a circuit
  2. At the end of the runway make a turn away from you through 90°
  3. Once this turn is complete, immediately make a turn through 270° in the opposite direction
  4. Exit the turn to fly along the runway centreline in the opposite direction to that from which you entered the manoeuvre

The key to the procedure turn is to make careful use of all controls to ensure the manoeuvre is flown at a constant altitude and that you enter and exit the pattern along the same line.

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