Being the accident prone father of two that I am, I am more aware than most of the importance of having a First Aid Kit within easy reach at all times.

We had discussed the inclusion of a First Aid Kit at the field in the past and decided that, whilst too difficult to keep one safely on site, it is a good idea for pilots to ensure they have a suitable kit in their car or their flight kit.

Today I discovered in Bunnings Warehouse (Belmont being my local) that they are selling St John’s Ambulance kits at the front counter for $19.95. This seems to me to be an excellent price for a medium sized, 80 piece kit that will cover all the basics in an emergency.

The one I bought looks much like the one pictured so if you don’t already have a kit in the car, do yourself a favour and go get one.

PS – This post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Bunnings; I just saw it and thought it was a good deal!

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