Whilst on holiday recently I was looking through YouTube and these guys came up on my “What To Watch” feed. I subscribed to their channel and took a look at the site and was really impressed by what I saw.

Their main interest seems to be small electric, depron and occasionally FPV models. They review commercial kits from other manufacturers as well as designing and building their own creations. There is an active forum with over 10,000 members and lots of free downloads.

I like their attitude a lot and I can respect the fact that they have taken a hobby and turned it into something of a career. They’ve certainly got me interested again!

The following information is from their own site:

Flite Test was created for people passionate about flight. Our hope is to create a show for the people that build and fly planes and helicopters as a hobby. They are the dreamers and engineers that get a thrill from the first launch of a maiden flight. The show will personify the veteran and the beginner alike giving them a chance to share common experiences with others, in turn, enhancing the RC community. The goal is to develop a creative outlet that allows us to work in our passion daily. Flite Test is designed to empower our audience. It has just enough humor, technology and information to appeal to the RC flight crowd as a whole. We hope to entertain, educate and elevate our viewers as we move forward with quality content.

I’ll be keeping an eye on their projects and will post any interesting videos or links here.

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