Building a Sports Model – Part 3

I know how excited everybody is for the next instalment, but I must insist on patience as these things take time.  What with all the fan mail I receive from on-line casino owners and Russian women making marriage proposals – sorry but there’s only so much of me to go around.

The tail feathers were the next step, and they were a lot of work.  First they were framed up from 10mm balsa, then hinges and control horns set up, and mounting points for bracing wire added.  The wood was filled and sanded to shape.


The framework was covered with an acetate lining material called Bemsilk, glued and sealed with aircraft dope.  Very cheap and effective.

After adding a balsa mounting block to the fuselage, the horizontal stabiliser was carefully glued in place, making sure it is aligned in all 3 dimensions, and especially parallel with the wings.  The aluminium bar represents the sit of the wing.  


It might look off-balance in the pic, but it’s just a dodgy photo.

The vertical fin is then glued in place square with the horizontal stabiliser and in line with the fuselage centre-line.


That’s another major job completed.

Next was to install the control systems and servo rack for the tail.  The rudder will use a pull-pull system, and for the elevators I made up a double-pronged carbon-fibre pushrod.

To be continued…

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