AGM Saturday 10th October 2020

The club AGM is to be held this Saturday 10th October.

1.00pm start time at the flying field, aiming at a short meeting.  All members are encouraged to attend.

New committee members are to be voted in.  Nominations are open, particularly for the positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary, with Brian and Andrew not wishing to be re-nominated.

If you are willing to take on one of these vital roles please let Brian or Andrew know.

!! Russian Invasion !!

Well, it’s finally happened. Having stood down our defence forces in case they catch a cold, the Russians have inevitably taken advantage of this weakness and pounced on our unsuspecting nation. They’ve sent their latest and most technological weapons, including Steve Schumak’s Mig 17 jet fighter (pictured), against which we simply have no answer. Inevitably they chose Teralba as their ground zero, being as it is the focus of aviation in Australia.

We must all now learn to speak Russian. ‘Vodka good, ya?’

Junior Air Cadet Day – 15th March

EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (due to inclement weather. Or was it the bushfires, or drought, or deadly cold viruses, or global warming, or anything else the newspapers can dream up…)

A message from President Andrew:

” I am happy to inform you all of the long awaited return of the Junior Air Cadets Belmont Squadron on Sunday 15th March. I have been in contact with their CO Barry Noble and he is looking forward to bringing the boys and their parents back for another day of flying and observing our skills in our much loved hobby. I hope you will be able to attend on the day and pass on your enthusiasm and knowledge to the cadets. I am sure there are one or two future members among them.”